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University of Fortaleza

Knowledge exchange in teaching, research and extension

Located in Brazil´s Northeast, in the City of Fortaleza, the State Capital, the University of Fortaleza has been offering, since 1973, the best conditions for teaching and learning. With qualified professors, a modern infrastructure and incentives for research and post-graduation studies, all packed into an institution which maintains an excellent exchange program. Students from Unifor and abroad are united in courses given in the English language as well as in many different activities offered through out the campus. Now, let´s take some time to get to know what makes Unifor one of Brazil´s top institution for education and scientific production.

University of Fortaleza



Edson Queiroz Foundation
Universidade de Fortaleza

Av. Washington Soares, 1321 - Edson Queiroz - CEP: 60811-905

(85) 3477.3000/3400