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Once admitted to Unifor, students are faced with many options which vary from research programs and monitoring program to arts, sports and social activities. Unifor encourages students to discover their different talents. Here are just some of our activities

Since the first semester, it is possible to participate in research groups in fields related to undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate courses. In order to support the students, Unifor has Five Research Centers, one for each field of science: Administration, Human, Legal, Health and Technology. Moreover, the Institution has research professors who are always willing to guide and advise the young researchers.

Monitoring is the first step toward being faculty, and those who one day, desire to enter a classroom as a professor, can choose to be a monitor, expanding their knowledge and facilitating the learning of others. There are two monitoring programs available at the University: institutional and voluntary. Unifor students have the opportunity to receive annual research scholarships.

04-social-projectsSocial Projects
For those who have the spirit of collaboration and enjoy helping others, the University develops many social projects, such as Young Volunteers, Retail Agents, Center of Professional Training, Education and Health in the Discovery of Learning and Capacity Building for the Disabled. Besides contributing to the wellbeing of the community, the social projects are an excellent opportunity to acquire more knowledge.

05-on-line-educationOnline Education
The Distance Learning Center is an integral part of the University, where it is possible to take online courses, such as: Methodology for Writing Scientific Papers, Introduction to Economy, Consumer Rights, Production of Technical Texts, Introduction to Computer Science and many other stimulating courses. Extension, undergraduate and postgraduate virtual courses are also available. The Center also provides chat rooms, discussion forums and some on site sessions for students to clarify course material among themselves and with professors, where students get to interact in a dynamic learning environment without losing any of the content.

05-art-groupsArt Groups
Art lovers will also discover on the Unifor campus a great opportunity to develop their talent by taking part in the Art Groups: Music, Choir, Theater Troupe and Dance Company. With folk and classic performances, the groups enchant the university community as well as outside audiences and constantly receive support from the Institution´s Division of Arts and Culture.

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