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Homework involves doing sports

Regular exercise brings important health benefits while helping to prevent and treat disease

06-sportsThe University of Fortaleza encourages sport activities and healthy competition. At the campus, students have access to sports, an element that complements intellectual development. Qualified professionals regularly coach the athletes in different university sport modalities: volleyball, basketball, handball, swimming, track and field, futsal and football are just some activities. Unifor also has in its campus a branch of the National Center for Athletics Training, working to promote major events focused on the dissemination of sports and the development of new talents. This is a great example of the University´s vocation in promoting national sporting events, such as the International Track and Field Grand Prix.

The University´s sports projects are fully backed by a complete infrastructure. Part of this structure is the Unifor Track and Field Stadium, one of the few in Brazil to be certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations, the multisports court, a 5 thousand m² sports complex, equipped with three courts, three grand stands with a seating capacity for 850 fans, besides the multi-purpose room with facilities for martial arts, lockers and classrooms and the office of the Sports Activity Division. The Unifor Gym is also a great place to exercise, such as for Unifor Physical Education students who take different classes and have supervised internships.

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