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Beyond the four walls of the classroom, the exhibits and performances contribute toward a comprehensive education which extends to the general public

09-espaco---culturalWhile disseminating arts and culture as effective educational tools, the University of Fortaleza and the Edson Queiroz Foundation contribute to the comprehensive education of different audiences. Unifor promotes different arts and culture initiatives in its Cultural Space which reflects in the learning and human growth of thousands of people.

For 20 years, Unifor´s Cultural Space has been organizing exhibits and shows of internationally renowned artists such as Miró, Rembrandt, Rubens, Vik Muniz, and has successfully developed the Arts-Education Project. It is through this important project that the University disseminates, renews and democratizes knowledge of art, history and culture from different countries, something which could only be accessed by a small part of the population in the past.


09-espaco-culturalAs part of the Arts-Education Project, educational action is promoted in order to involve children and adolescents from the public and private school system, as well as university students by guided visits to art and cultural activities which aim at transforming and motivating the students future and social mobility. The project also provides art workshops to facilitate the public´s understanding of the art world and its techniques. Moreover, University students play the role of monitors during art shows and exhibits, they are trained and informed in order to provide visitors with information on the art work and artist on display.

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