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What is the RNE?
The RNE (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros) is the equivalent to a Brazilian citizen's identity card and is considered as such whenever a person is asked for proof of identity in Brazil. It testifies the identity of the foreign citizens with a temporary or permanent residence in Brazil. It allows them, for example, to open a bank account, buy a scholar pass or perform any activity that requires the confirmation of prolonged stay in the country.

Who needs a RNE?        
Any foreigner admitted in the country on condition of temporary, permanent, under asylum or refugee must be registered in the country and recognized by the justice ministry. This also applies to exchange students.

After arriving in Brazil, the student has thirty days to register themselves on the federal police, requesting their RNE. If this time pass and the person do not start the process, the bureaucracy of getting an RNE becomes a very costly and time consuming process.

Click here (link to pdf file) for a complete guide of how to get your RNE.

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